Thursday, 5 January 2012

Common threads

The Christmas decs are down and I am loving the reclaimed space. It just gets to a point when enough is enough!

Was fascinated to read what Penelope had on her L is for Love blog about Shauna Richardson's crochetdermy (some on display at the V&A now) as last night I was reading the blog of the very same artist and loved the bear when we saw it last month. Although not as prolific creatively as many of the bloggers I follow, it makes me feel happy to read that there are lots of you out there with lots of interests and that we all share many common threads.

It is one of the best things about blogging, finding kindred spirits. In the next few months with my significant other away in the far east, I am hoping to make the time to tap into my own space more and come up with more to share with world...yes more....more cyber fluff!

Right now with Dada here, the girls being so involved with him, my m-i-l having just left after a week and Big J packing to go, just getting on with the nitty gritty of life is enough.

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