Sunday, 29 January 2012

Order in disorder

It has taken me a very long time to start making any inroads into sorting the clutter of my home. It seems one of the main reasons has been because I have been doing it all wrong!

My idea of the process was all about getting things neat and orderly and in the right place. But there was no place to put anything. I turned to the 'Net for advice. I just love it that there are folk around the world that talk into cameras and let one see into their cupboards and drawers and then tell you how you too can have such order. I could not do that. The shame of it all and my mother would never recover if she saw me either. But anyway, one little voice of reason that rang true for me was before I get organised it was time to get rid of stuff.

So, in the last few days I have dumped loads of out of date drugs and cosmetics. Made up a box of smellies given to us girls for re-gifting if anyone needs a quick pressie to wrap. Sorted through ALL our linen and found some lovely bed sets to donate to charity that fitted a bed that we no longer have in the house. I have ruthlessly tossed other items and find that now we all have sheets etc neatly folded in about 1/4 of the space I was using to store everything before.


I love linen tablecloths and use them when I can. I buy them too on occasion from the charity shops. I now have a long flat box under the bed for my collection and that has grown a bit of late with a lovely new linen and lace runner.

I can honestly say that as the bags make their way to the charity shop or even to the garage (to be taken at a later date to the fabric collection point) my spirit feels lighter.

Another reason for feeling light in spirit today is a lovely long chat with Big J from his flat in Hong Kong. Less than two weeks till we see him and I can hardly wait.

Tonight we are having 'soup from leftover veg that was found in the fridge/veg basket' done in the slow cooker.

I am unpicking the last bit of lace on a sweater from the charity shop - which was lovely enough and did not need bits of cream lace on it and we are having a ironathon and I am going to work some more on my crochet.

Be happy everyone.

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