Wednesday, 25 January 2012

No escape

'the curse has come upon me', cried the Lady of Shallot. (Tennyson)

Indeed it has come upon me too. Moods, sweats, headaches, nausea and more sweats. Suddenly it seemed as though 2012 was not only the year of the OLYMPICS, but also the year of my MENOPAUSE. As the chimes of Big Ben faded into the air at New Year, this bod of mine started its own countdown with a vegence. Not a patient soul and not the type to be held up by anyone or anything I sought solutions.

This is not one:

Bit too much makeup for my liking.... Pincushioning ones face will help anyone forget their other woes! I jest though, as I have had acupuncture in the past and it is surprisingly soothing. Only this time I needed more radical action.

I sought out medical advice and was steered towards herbs, but hey! I wanted results NOW. I am pleased to say that me and my patch are getting along fine.

I am able to smile, eat, work out, and better still, CROCHET, and I have a little item on the go now that should be ready to reveal soon.


Karen said...

Lucky you not starting until now! I've been at it a little over 3 years...with regular (heated & soggy) wake up calls now at around 3am...and varying other times daily
no fair...what did we ever do to P-O mother Nature? :)

Liz said...

What indeed? But I do believe it will all get better in the end. x