Monday, 2 January 2012

Les Miserables

It is Big J's birthday today and we are all off to London to do some sightseeing with Granny and to go to the theatre. Dada (the girls' father) is here from Japan and will join us tonight. The girls are spending the day with him beforehand.
I am secretly rather pleased and proud that we can do such a thing as go to the theatre together. It is not in everyone's comfort zone and I admire both Big J and Dada for getting on with it, but it means a great deal to the girls and shows that on both sides of the world they are loved and valued. They have two very good men in their lives.

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Kaori F. said...

That must be very difficult relationship such as Big J and their dada especially in Japan.
But your family made it.
I'm very proud of you and feel happy with it.