Saturday, 28 June 2014


I am finding being jobless really disconcerting. For so long now I have been run off my feet, on call all day to a huge number of people, both staff and patients and have had to make decisions and plans and negotiate and placate. I loved it, most of the time, but the thought of being at home for a while was just bliss. And now I find I am flat, down even. I have not 'done' much, which is a biggie for me. I have worked one day this week, been around for the plumber, dog walked, crocheted, washed and ironed, cleaned, been out for coffee and lunch and had a friend and her son over twice, once for dinner, complete with a fire and marshmallows afterwards in the garden. Em and I have done a nature ramble and today I cleared out my wardrobe and took a ton of things to the charity shop. I was ruthless, and am a wee bit scared to think that not much is left in there!
I ran it by my sister and another friend about how odd it feels and they both told me it takes time to adjust to a different pace and to establish a routine. A massage was suggested and that I will arrange as Big J bought me one a while ago which has yet to be used. 
In the meantime, the bedroom needs a last little tidy. At least there is something to show for all the time off. 
And while I sit and listen to the very welcome rain, Tom's blanket is calling from the corner of the room saying 'finish me, you've only got 2 weeks to go' ....


Nancy McCarroll said...

Hi. Nancy here, a new follower.

Your crochet makes me want to be a better hooker, er crocheter. I like that border from Attic24 (think that was the blog).

Your comment on the family estrangement make me look you up and go into your posts. Wish we could meet! Yes, I like Sue Monk, too.

Liz said...

Hello Nancy, very nice to have you along. So flattered that you want to join. I wish I could meet a lot of the amazing people who blog too.
Thank you.