Sunday, 15 June 2014

Slow start

I planned to throw myself into my new unemployed status with gusto. There is so much to do:
- Blitz the house from top to bottom and in the process cull more things. (The dining room is looking so streamlined now that the dresser I painted is finished....jugs and vases missing to hold my flowers!). 
- Some sewing, gardening and lots of exercise on top of running the house like a domestic goddess and having meals frozen for those busy evenings when there is no time to cook. HA!
- Finish the ripple blanket - literally a row and a half on the border to go...
- Finish little Tom's blanket before I go to Australia... but 
since Friday when I had my shattered tooth extracted and then went out to celebrate, (the dentist told me that this would be fine, and it was at the time), I have been in constant pain and cannot eat. 
The rest of the family have been struck by a tummy bug and have taken to their beds on and off over the last 48 hours. Fortunately they have rallied this evening and we are all starving.....good sign! 

Em goes off to Keele Uni tomorrow to do a short course in environmental sciences - so today we I have been ironing and itemising her stuff. She is nervous and needs lots of support. She is also excited. Big J and I are driving her up there and then pinging off into Yorkshire to have a poke around. We will collect her on our way back on Thursday. 
Hannah is pet-sitting and readying for her trip to Japan next weekend to see her dad and grandparents....
The cobwebs in the stair-well will just have to dangle there a little longer. 

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