Thursday, 12 June 2014

Burrito? ripple blanket - semi Ta Dah!

Here is Hannah modelling(?) burrito style her ripple blanket. On the 12th May it looked like this and today, 12th of June it looks like this:

It is done, at least in terms of rows and now comes the sewing in of ends and the border. It strikes me that borders on ripple blankets just make them look so much better, but all the ripples I have known did not have one....

This is the first day of not being at work. The window cleaner has been, I have been deadheading geraniums, (I have gone totally granny McClintock (maternal granny) about geraniums. They are potted up all around the patio and Nancy gave me some lovely dark leaved pink ones to add to the collection). Lots of admin done too and dinner defrosting. 

It was a lovely send off, loads of flowers....and some tears (from me).

Can you see the dresser behind these lovely lillies?...all painted and fresh and FINISHED with some Polish pottery on it. 
Feeling good. x

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