Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Yarndale Mandala

This is my mandala for Yarndale....Australia, the red centre, the oranges and pinks of the desert, the yellows of the wheat crops, the pale greens of suburbia, the dark greens of the rain forest, the white of the surf, the deep blue of the sea and the light bright blue of the sky.
To be glued and stiffened in the morning before being sent off to Yorkshire. 


serendipity said...

It's beautiful, just like a rainbow!

Jay said...

Hi Liz I've missed so may posts, I'm not sure why! I love the ripple blanket it looks huge. I'll have a good read back to try to catch up!I hope you're well. Jay

Liz said...

All good here, bit grumpy as per last post, enjoy reading yours a lot. Liz