Sunday, 8 June 2014

Little catch up

A sunny Sunday and the washing has been on the line since six am!! Today is for the garden, the house, a barbie with family and a friend.
Yesterday we walked on Ashdown Forest with the dog and Nancy and followed that with a fantastic meal at the Coach and Horses in their sunny garden. 

I was looking over photos of last weekend and have these to show you. 

Dolphins were seen just off the lighthouse on the day this was taken. It is such a lovely area. We walk on the beach every day when we are up north. We met friends in the Rendez Vous cafe beside the beach for tea one afternoon. One, in his 70s, used to line up at the window of the cafe for icecream when he was a small boy...nothing has changed, kids still line up at the window now. 

Hannah's ripple is HUGE and only about 20 cm off its final length. Then there will be the sewing in of ends and the border. But I am so very happy with the CONSTANCY of my work. When I charge up the camera batteries I will post a photo. 

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