Sunday, 6 March 2011

Continuing with Rome

Falling behind a bit as so much is going on here.
To continue with Rome; the city has amazing trees. Cedar, but cut back into a fantastic umbrella shape. As seen here (below) at the Vatican City. For centuries the trees have been pruned like this. One only has to look at old paintings to see them as they are today.
and here is the Borhgese Gardens:
Second daughter and I did a series of 'looking up into trees':
One spends a lot of time looking up in Rome. In the Sistine Chapel, our necks ached as we identified those most famous scenes, God putting the spark of life into Adam's finger and The Last Supper. I liked the Delphic Sibyl:

The Pantheon was another place, so beautiful and calm in side.
The ocular in the Pantheon allows light, rain and snow in. The floor slopes to allow run off. The sun's light walks up or down the dome depending on the time of day.
There were helpful signs all over the city. This one tickled the girl's no end.
"No Levitating"
It actually means no lying down, both odd things to do in a historic temple!
In my last Rome installment I will show some of my sister's work. Her exhibition is at the end of this week and we are all hoping it is a roaring success.

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