Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Moment of madness

I am a charity shop girl....all the way. Love 'em and have been using them since student days. In Australia they are called OP - SHOPS, from opportunity shop. Brilliant name. Some of my favourite things are reused and my girls got most of their toys and clothes from bazaars, flea markets etc when they were little.
There are however, some rare days when the urge to splurge takes hold and today was one of them. Nice new

BLUE SHOES (from Clarks and yes they look like mary janes, but they please me). I love coloured shoes, but have mostly black ones...mmmm. Also ended up with blue lacy tights and a long grey cardi, very pretty, but with a hole under the arm so at a huge discount...Tonight I am off to craft at my friends house and I will mend the hole there and wear it tomorrow and look lovely!!

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