Sunday, 20 March 2011

Life is full

It is certainly not dull. What will it be like when I wake up one day and there is only my Big J left at home and the others have set off on their own lives?
It is a long way off yet and there is no rush to get there.

Firstly part of my full life this weekend was an amazing four hours with my cousin who came from Oxford to see me. We think it is about 38 years since we last met. There was so much to find out so we started with our own time lines to get us to where we are now. There are SO MANY similarities in our lives and our views of said lives. It was nicely uncanny. We ate and talked and managed to touch on some things, one being a reunion of first cousins in May. Some I have not met! I am really looking forward to it.

After she left I raced to the nearest village to help out my lovely friend G in her new letting agency. It was a launch weekend and some of us were on hand to chat, hand out drinks and food and wash up. I will be helping G with viewings when she is away. I love to do viewings.

On Saturday we shopped at the local veg stall and bought flowers for the house. Daffs and daisies and again I went to help G. It was a sunny day and gorgeous.

Later in the afternoon, my brother and his fiance and her bump arrived from London. Yes, the newbie on the way is theirs and although I will be auntie Lizzy, in fact I feel like granny. So young is the mother to be. We are all thrilled.

Having family here at weekends is fab. We cook big time and eat around the table and everyone chills and it is fun. Today we all (teenage girls too) walked to town past the smallholding and drank coffee in our local cafe before heading to a pub for lunch. Possibly the lowest point of the weekend, but hey!

Back to some gardening, a little tidying for me and for BJ, the first mow of the year. Love that cut grass smell.

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