Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Where did the week go?

Tuesday night is great, no work on Wednesdays. But I do love my job. I love working at the hospital and don't mind being so busy that when I look up sometimes it is about time to go home.
A major percentage of our patients have cancer. We race against deadlines to make sure they are treated 'on time'. They have huge concerns and many are under the care of the brilliant Cancer Nurse Specialist who I admire no end, and who is a cheerful, positive soul. Many, many are elderly and need transport and support to get in for their care. Many are frightened and some will simply refuse to have surgery, prefering to let things be and see what life still has to offer them, others look for alternative treatments and some are more scared of operations than of having cancer.
It may be the NHS, so maligned, but I firmly believe that our patients are why we are there and that it is our job to provide a service to all of them.

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