Sunday, 13 March 2011


We have heard from many people over the last few days. We are lucky to have so many friends. We have also been watching a lot of the Japanese news, and it is heartrending. How does one pick up the pieces from such a disaster? And bad as it is, they are yet another nation picking up pieces, there have been so many of late. I want to DO something to help.

This afternoon we visited a local Japanese woman who has three lovely children, mainly to pass on some of the books that the girls loved but are now ready to pass down. (Japanese books are very hard to come by here, they are ridiculously expensive). Fortunately she too had family south of the area.

On a brighter note, we talked to Australia's loveliest family last night on Skype to plan some of our activities for the trip that is now only THREE weeks away....

Today we walked in the morning, went to our usual cafe for breakfast and to read the papers. I read Home (all those wonderful properties) and BJ reads sport! We met the owner of a smallholding when we walked past his plot. He has 3 geese, 70 chickens and two sheep and has been farming it for 41 years. It was once used to hold pigs before the road was built. He no longer lambs his sheep, but did at one time. He said we can go down and see the place when the weather gets warmer. (We were looking down into the area from the roadside). He is living the of the dreams!

We then went a bit mad and after giving away a pile of Japanese books, sorted some for the charity shop and some for the loft. I dismantled a book case and we moved some furniture in No 2 daughter's room. It is looking better and better.

We then sorted out all the stashed away bedding that has been in the loft for toooooo looooong. Phew! High fives all round after a very productive day. More time for me to crochet tonight.

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