Sunday, 5 June 2011

Goodbye, farewell

This morning we took our students to see the lambs that Han-solo's friend is hand rearing. There was much excitement and everyone cuddled a lamb....both were very obliging and did not bleat or wiggle.
You can see why they were so popular. They are very sweet and only a month old.
While the lambs were getting all the attention, someone was getting a bit jealous! She can't get through the cat flap but it didn't stop her protesting!
Our final outing was en route back to school when we stopped for a superb lunch at The Fox Inn - Famous for Seafood
between Guildford and Horsham. GREAT food and lots of it. We will go there again.
Now we are at home and tomorrow school starts again. It is raining and even though it is gloomy, it is a very good thing. We need lots of rain here.

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