Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer toes

It was hot, hot, hot today and our old buildings can get very stuffy. The thought of a cool swim was lovely. Or a pedicure....mmm. After work/school Han-solo and I went to have our toes done. The lady doing Han's asked if she wanted a design which she did. She now has a little floral picture on her green toes and said she felt like a celebrity. My toes are gold. Summer gold and my feet feel very indulged.

Nice on a hot day.
Youngest daughter is in Wales and left on a cross note. Aren't mothers THE most humiliating people? They can bring shame on you in public and act all wierd in front of friends.... Still, no matter what she thinks of me, I love her to bits and there is no changing that.

Somewhere on the road between Birmingham and here is BJ, worn out no doubt. Needs to get home before the looming storm breaks. We can already hear the thunder rumble. I do love a storm after a hot day.

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