Wednesday, 8 June 2011

This is how it is done

and this

To be able to completely give oneself over to relaxation must be bliss. It is also a skill. One I do not have. Of late I have spent time trying to relax and clear my mind of all the lists and tasks that constantly seem to pop around in my head. It feels like a fight scene in a comic up there with big coloured stars saying 'pow' and 'bang'. Only my stars say 'Japanese GSCE', 'DoE trip', Em's Challenge Kit', 'CHEESE' and today, 'crochet a donut'....My jaw aches most mornings now and today the clinic called to say my mouth guard is ready for collection. Something to bite into when there is too much popping in my head although it could be a bit of passion killer!!

But, really, life is so full and that is of my own making in many ways. It is a small step to be aware at least that slowing down and enjoying the ride is no bad thing. Life is not a race to its end. I crave the time to garden, crochet and cook but find I take on other chores. What do you say? A bit of prioritising, a bit of slowing down and maybe a bit of not being all things to everyone might be necessary?

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