Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I have ordered Mollie Makes volume II online.

I have made lasagne.

I have bought an old pine desk with a fold down writing flap for Em's room.

I have started the BABY BLANKET for the new little girl on her way. Pics of this will follow along with acknowledgements to two very creative women.

I have looked at Eurostar tickets to Brussels and will book one later.

I have played in the garden with Bosley. The leaf game...he loves it.

I have picked raspberries and frozen them.

I have driven my neighbour who was feeling poorly, to the station.

I have parted with more bedding.

I have parted with a big bag of baby yarn. This goes to Peggy who knits for preemies.

I am waiting for my friend to come so that we can crochet/sew together.

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