Thursday, 16 June 2011

The tricky art of giving hand made gifts

If you read Fox's Lane at all you will probably have read about the pitfalls of giving something handmade to friends/family.

Somehow, while even knowing it can be risky, I still ploughed on with my idea of a baby blanket along the lines of the lovely spring blanket on Me Me Rose for my little niece to be.

It was going swimmingly and here are the first few tentative squares, really testing the colour wheel when....
my mum told me that sis-in-law only wants WHITE for her baby...
After a long hard think, I have decided to plod on. I hope she likes it and that it does get used. Rightly or wrongly I cannot see myself working only in white!
What do you think?

I want to stick with it. It is a happy project which is good right now. I am feeling very far away and sad as my dad is in hospital, doing well after surgery, (planned), but I am not there to help in anyway. Cooran is so far away.

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