Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Addition to the list

In the search for the perfect (that means gorgeous but easy and fast) Sophie Digardesque pattern for a scarf - now how can that be difficult? - I came across this blog. Now this lady can crochet and her strippy blanket is wonderful. Do take a look. Her blog is in my bloglist as well.

Still searching for the pattern, but feel as though it is going to be one of those things in my head that even if there is a pattern, I will wander off piste.


This morning I made up a song about Big J's everlasting wait for departure dates for HK.

'Will he stay or will he go?...Don't ask me, coz I don't know!'

Bit of work to be done on the rest!

Poor brother is in the same boat. Start date looms and no contract.

I am waiting for the men in my life to go away!

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