Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I have a pinny and a notebook and am moving cautiously

It sometimes feels as if (my) life is a bit of a race to get things done. A juggling race, because there are so many things to get done. The 'have to or we will starve' jobs, food shopping and cooking and washing up...(ok we will not starve if we do not wash up, just including it as part of the process...we could have paper plates and plastic cutlery every meal!!) Then there is the house and its care, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, polishing, loo and bathroom cleaning, to name a few, although I am not too au fait with one or two of those activities. The family and their needs, food, driving around, and those shared moments of odd youtube clips which have them collapsing on the floor hysterically which I just don't get.

The garden, so cruelly neglected this year.

Then there are the WIPs the ever growing pile of yarn that has somehow managed to replace my pile of fabrics. The idea was NOT to accumulate anything. One project at a time.

Many times have I tried to get on top of all of this and have a harmonious calming home, tidy and free from clutter and most importantly easy to manage.

No luck.

I then read about Lucy at Attic24 who dons her pinny and takes an hour a day to care for her home. YES. I have a pinny, all Japanese women wear them and when I put mine on I feel strangely proud of what I am doing. I could really see where Lucy was coming from and enjoyed wearing my pinny again.

I put it on recently and blossomed into an all baking, all cooking, all tidying QUEEN. Then I took it off.....and slumped into my old ways.

Lucy blogs that she has a note book and writes her home loving plans in that. I have always had one - full of lists. Now I have a new one, full of lists, but I also put in what I am hoping to achieve and some of the dreams. It has to be an inspiring book, not a gloomy tally of all those things that did not get done -Missy...

I think what I trying to grapple with here, if anyone has read this far, (bless you, either that or you have cramp and can't get away from the computer screen), is that it is OK to aspire to the perfect ideal of home life but that the life you actually have is OK too. Wanting to change is a positive, but change is a big scary thing and needs to be approached with caution, a notebook and a pinny.

Will keep you posted.

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The Gingerbread Lady said...

A pinny! Gosh, haven't thought about those in YEARS! Of course, if I had one of those, I'd also have to have a headscarf and curlers to complete the look - I know, I'm dreadfully matchy-matchy ;-)
Good for you, in your autumnal spring-cleaning rush. You are cordially invited to my house any time you feel the urge to do some more!