Sunday, 16 October 2011


Today was yet another glorious blue sky aumtumn day. Yesterday, this dom goddess dusted, hoovered, wiped, polished and scrubbed the bedroom and the bathroom. Bliss. It was so satisfactory because not only did it look great I then gave myself the day off today. Big J made dinner so no cooking to be done for the hordes. I did though have a go at Mary Berry's brandy snaps Mary does say that if one follows the recipe and if measurements are exact, you can't go wrong. Ha. Not quite what I had envisaged, they were a bit bulked up and would have been better wrapped around a broom handle than a wooden spoon, but they do taste great. Will keep at this one. Worth the effort to get it right I think.

Another thing I tackled today was a crochet geek tutorial on harlequin or catherine wheel stitch. Inspired by this beautiful scarf by Moonstitches. She is a Japan based lady and her work is lovely. I sat for over an hour with a you tube tutorial and this is what I came up with

As you can see it is a bit dodgy on the right hand side (probably a few other places too) but the texture of the material is lovely. This is in my sock yarn, which, now that I have it, confess that I am not too crazy about it. Orange I like, but not white, and there are too many strands of white in it, so this is a learning ball. This stitch would make a great pair of fingerless gloves in sock wool. The rhubarb scarf Moonstitches made is stunning.

The baby blanket is so close to being finished and it is a just pure slog now because my mind is always leaping from new idea to new and totally unrealistic idea. I signed up to ripple stitch along with Lucy, then pulled out all my work....just can't seem to settle.

Last nice bit of news is that we found some sweet chestnut trees on a walk today, so the plan is to collect some for roasting. Foraging is fun.

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