Wednesday, 12 October 2011


This morning I had a CT scan of my head taken. The investigation is actually for my nose, which looks fine - but does not work. The plan is to see if there is anything obstructing the flow of air; let's hope they do not find something like a bead up there from those days when we all thought a hole had to have something in it! Mouth - fist, ear - crayon, wall socket -finger, nose - bead.

I then bought some more sock yarn online and have been practising all manner of stitches on the ball I have now. Mostly with little success, but it is all about learning.

Bit of damson picking this afternoon with Em and her friend and then they plan to make apple and damson chutney.

At the weekend I made membrillo or quince cheese, to eat with Manchego cheese. The quinces were from the neighbours garden. It took hours, quinces are a hard fruit to peel. The end result looks a little dark, and there is less suger than the recipe calls for, but I am really pleased with it.


The girls got damsons, sloes and plums and this is what they made:

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