Monday, 10 October 2011

Two words - SOCK YARN

I have just had a look at Planetpenny's post about the Knitting and Stitching Show who was obviously clever enough to remember her to take her camera and she has loaded some great photos on her blog. I did not. But it is true to say that some were not happy to be snapped and there were signs up on a lot of the works asking folk not take pictures.

I tended to focus on crochet related bits and yarn and was constantly amazed and thrilled by all the colours and textures of yarn available. Buffalo down was so soft, hard to think of such a huge mammal being downy, but there you are.
There was hemp and linen and wire and plastic as well. Loads of fabulous felty things too. I bought one little felted lavender bag heart for a friend.

Sock yarn is something much talked blogged about and it did not disappoint, so lovely and fine. I decided if I were to buy anything at the show is would be sock yarn. Then I found the work of SOPHIE DEGARD and fell in love. She crochets in hand dyed 1ply marino (two strands together) and the work is exquisite. If you have been to the V&A shop, you may have seen some of her beautiful mosaic like scarfs.

So, somewhere in the future is a Sophie inspired scarf, but made with sock yarn....I bought only one ball and possibly not the best colourway for moi, but I was just so keen to start and did not want to fork out a lot of dosh for something that may be harder to handle than my skills can cope with.

For anyone who can get to this show in a location near you, do try to make it. It is just great to see so much talent and so many possibilities.

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