Tuesday, 19 July 2011

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This is where we took the bird tonight. A fantastic drive through evening summer sun and an amazing haven for all sorts of animals. Our bird was given the number 1839 and it will be grouped with about four other pigeons of similar age and eventually released into the wild. We can call them in a few weeks to get an update! The owner said that it was very lucky that the wound had not become infected, but they would put the baby on a course of antibiotics, just in case. He showed us some of the other babies, thrushes, finches, swallows and pigeons of all sizes. It was a great place.
We left a donation, in this age of austerity, it has to be hard to run a sanctuary like that.

The girls are on the green now, playing with friends. So English, and so good to see. Not enough kids 'play' outside.

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