Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wales, Wiltshire, Glouscetershire and home

We abandoned our brood this weekend to travel to Wales for a 50th birthday party. En route we stopped in Gloustershire to have lunch with friends from Hong Kong. We then drove on B roads to Wales to the Glenmorgan area. It was beautiful country and it was exciting to be seeing some of Wales, other than Angelsey where we caught the ferry to Ireland last year. We stayed in a hotel/golf club and the party was at the local rugby club. Have to admit, I do love to go away with Big J. So nice to dress up and drink champagne and just hang out together.

Today we have coffee with the birthday boy and his family before heading back. We dropped in to Wootton Bassett, a pretty little town known all too well as the place where the bodies of young men and women who die in battle are repatriated.

Home after that, with the British Open Golf Championship on the radio. Big J was there on Friday, lucky for him. The weather for the rest of the competition has been horrendous.

Home to the girls and the boy and the bird, who has learned to feed thanks to Em. She is using an icing syringe and so far so good. It peeps and cries when it sees fingers and is really quite sweet. A neighbour recently lost her budgie, so we are now using its cage. Not ideal, but given that Bosley is very keen to investigate the new creature further, probably a good idea.

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