Friday, 15 July 2011

Pigeon update

The baby pigeon survived the night and this morning Em and I fed it after trawling through various pigeon rescue websites. It had peas and some shredded wheat! We fed it tiny bit by tiny bit and it did not reject the food. It also had a dribble of water and then it walked a few very wobbly paces around the table. The wound has dried up a lot, but is very deep and I think has gone through to organ level. All we can do it keep it quiet, clean and fed and the rest is not in our hands. This is what it looked like at breakfast.
I nipped home late morning and Adam and I fed it again, this time corn kernels. Again it ate, but it is hard to judge how much is good. It has a balloon like crop in the front of its neck which fills as it feeds. Gently feeling this to see how 'full' it is supposed to be the indication.
Tonight, the girls and some of their friends came to watch and help with feeding. Big J and I are away this weekend and they need to know how to do it. They did brilliantly. Here is proof!
We also now have phone numbers for a couple of animal rescue centres so we can maybe get help, and/or hand it over to their care when we go away next week.

REALLY keeping my fingers crossed that it survives now. Names are being bandied about!

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