Thursday, 21 July 2011

The equalities of cream

Cream is cream right? The colour? I have been blissfully crocheting edges to the granny squares in Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in a lovely buttery cream.....mmmm. But it is not ALL THE SAME. Today as I stitched it was obvious that some creams are more creamy than others. It was such a blow. I have no idea what the buttery cream is called because I have only the labels of the new colder, whiter cream left. I am not going to unpick the thing, there is no time. I have no more of the nice cream left, so ordered something online tonight which just might be it. If so, I am safe. If not I will schlep all over to get it and at the same time thank my lucky stars that most of the squares are done.

Note to self...keep one label with colour and lot number.
Note to will still be a lovely blankie and there won't be another like it!

Thought you might like to see the look of glee on a certain cat's face now that he is back in the conservatory and the bird has GONE!

And then there is this. Thanks to the op shop. A feather filled cushion. It has a cream back with blue red and yellow stripes. Great colours for another blanket idea.

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