Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Green fingers

Han-solo is loving her work experience and has been offered real work! I visited her today to see her pushing a wheel barrow stacked with banana plants to put out on display. I was told that they love her there and that she is fantastic. How proud can a mum get? She has just thrown herself into the work, loves being active and has suddenly started sprouting plant names!

As it is a nursery, plants tend to be cheaper and I found some lily and nerine bowdenii bulbs going for 50p a bag in a trolley at the door. I also saw and fell in love with a blue tortoise. I have always wanted a tortoise and we seriously considered taking one on a few years ago, but decided against it. This gorgeous thing was on a shelf looking abandoned, boxless, but working.

He will live beside my bed and glow at night. I am not sure how BJ will feel, but he does get the tortoise/frog thing.

Here he is, off

and on, although I am sure a picture taken in the dark would be a lot better!
Thanks to Han-solo, I got the bulbs for nothing as well, so it has been a very nice morning.

On my way home I saw all the kids from school on the playing fields, today is Sports Day. Parents are welcome, but it seems not many go and Em declined my offer to come and bring her some lunch. It is blustery and threatening rain, but by the sound of the cheering and yelling, it looks as if they are having a good day.

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