Sunday, 10 July 2011

Butterflies, bulbs, berries and baking

This lovely was on the uninhabited bird box on the fence this morning, opening and folding its wings in the warm air. Both Em and I got shots before it flew away over the butterfly bush. It was a Red Admiral - Vanessa atalanta

Time in the garden this afternoon to plant some herbs that travelled back with me from Ellignies to be here. A discovery of a dozen tulip bulbs in a pot given to me by a friend was very pleasing. They are now beneath the cherry tree. Some irises have been moved and some lifted to go to the gardens of people at work. Love them as I do, they love the soil here and have more than flourished.

Then time was spent searching for a recipe for the gorgeous red currents that also made the Channel crossing with me.

They were turned into this

and the comments are 'yum'!

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