Monday, 4 July 2011

A day off

started with fresh plunger coffee and a haircut on the patio. Then a quick trip to town for Euros and other goods. Han solo is doing her work experience at Dove's Barn Nursery so we rode there on the bikes to see how long her 'commute' will take. Tough going for me. The saddle was so low I could barely peddle, so we popped into the bike shop to have it lifted. MUCH BETTER. It is a flat 2 miles to the nursery along a busy road and down hill all the way. Admittedly the gradient is tiny, but the return trip was a bit hard. Still, this old bird puffed and panted all the way up our road with no stops and felt very fit and light at the top!!
But really happy news is that today Em moved to the UPPER SCHOOL, a new campus, new subjects (for GCSEs) and new friends to meet and make. She and her sister are on the same campus now...we are very proud.

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