Monday, 27 February 2012

Crochet motifs

This is one of the fab books I bought while I was away. 'Kagibari de amu Kawaii motif (and) komono', or Cute/pretty motifs and little things to make(actually knit) with a crochet hook....mmm...bit lost in translation that one! I love it though. Some of the samller motifs lend themselves to fine yarn and Sophie Degard type objects. I am thinking of something lacey with a lovely fine baby lace I have in my stash as day.....

My Lent blanket is motif number 5. It took a while to grasp it, but it does look a bit more interesting than a regular granny square.

For anyone wondering about the outcome of the mummy meltdown on Saturday, a long chat to Big J on Sunday and to granny from Japan lifted the mood, and then we went to IKEA and wore ourselves out looking at all the STUFF. A great day out for the three of us. Love those girlies.


vidu said...

Is there pattern of the bag (square motif)shown on the cover page of the book? as i am looking for the same pattern from long time

Liz said...

Hi Vidu
can't believe that I have only just noticed your comment...and yes there is a pattern in the book for the bag/motif. You may be able to get a copy on line.