Saturday, 11 February 2012

No go

1:30 in the morning and Em and I have just arrived home from Heathrow. We were not allowed to fly, despite being at the departure gate and our bags on board. There is a discrepancy in Em's UK passport and while we have been told that she can travel, the airline would not take the risk of being turned away at the other end. Something we had verified beforehand, but the airline did not agree. Hannah also had her Japanese one with her so she has gone on her own. It was a very hard thing to do to let her go, because I hate my girls being away from me, but she is going to Big J and other family and friends and she is no longer a child.
Big J and I are crushed. This short week of family time has probably been thwarted completely. We are looking into getting an emergency travel document, but we have to get data and permission from Japan first.
At this hour nothing seems clear. A cup of tea and bed and sleep I hope. With sleep with luck there will be some clarity of mind in the morning.

What a bitter, bitter blow. Tears were shed in the bus home.

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