Monday, 13 February 2012

When a girl can't get to Hong Kong

She and her daughter do the next best thing.

First a trip to the V&A to see the spider silk cape
It was beautiful, really detailed and the loveliest colour.

I am not a big spider fan and Em and I had a giggle about why humans have opted for silk worms over anachrids for their luxury fibres. Simples.

As we used to every year in primary school in Japan

1. Get a bunch of silkworm babies

2. Put them on a mulberry leaf, (won't last long though, voracious eaters and you can actually hear them munching -they get through branches of the stuff)

3. Feed them till they are the size of chipolatas

4. Watch them weave their silk cocoons

During the weeks it takes to get from 1 to 4 they barely move and even when the moths hatch, they do not fly. Easy!

But take even one spider and you have to deal with legs (way too many), the tendancy to run in exactly the opposite direction than expected, usually towards you.....sticky bits of web, not to mention the fact that it might get cross and bite.

Silkworms win really, but having said that, the spider's web may be the answer to all sorts of medical and engineering questions, so well done Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley for showing the world not only its beauty but versatility I say!

The V&A is big and tiring and the solution to that is bus it towards Leceister Square and CHINA TOWN. The plan was to have Japanese food, but we watched a Chinese woman hand making dumplings in her cafe and that was it. Soup, spring rolls and delicious dumplings. Soul food.

Then crowds in the street as the lanterns used for the Chinese New Year celebrations come down and for a mere £1.00 anyone can have one. Em has one in her room now.

And the best bit of all?

We are good to go tonight. Fingers crossed, we will get there this time.

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