Wednesday, 8 February 2012

That's what friends are for

Yesterday at work, something really unpleasant happened. It upset me a lot. I love, love, love, my job and think that it is a priviledge to be in a place where so much goes on for people who are often facing the results of catastrophic burns, facial injuries, loss of limbs and cancer. Not everyone has such big issues, we do get lumps and bumps too. I am proud of my work and put everything into it when I am there. I think I am good at it too.
Then as I said, something unpleasant happened. It shook me up and after the event I burst into tears. (This I do NOT do at work). People were kind, but in the end I traipsed over to the canteen where my three friends were having lunch. They are the best. A tissue, a glass of water and a hug and in no time at all, everyone was laughing.

Thanks girls - you are great.

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