Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Long distance family life

Big J and I do most things via email now and the odd Facebook call. It is a bit disconcerting that we are so efficient at not being together!
It helps though that I know the places he talks about and where things are.
When he visits my brother he sees this if he looks up outside bro's flat:

and this

the view down from bro's balcony...36 floors up!

And the workmen across the way on their bamboo scaffolding....note the hard hats!

If he goes to the markets he will see one of the butcher's stalls:

or he might fancy a snack of sticky rice and pork, (these are truely declicious):

The fishmongers has loads of live fish, I frequently bought our fish in this market, but road works are making it hard to get to....for now:

On a clear day the washing is hung outside to dry:

So, as most of these things are not far from Big J and he sees the building with the washing on his way to the MTR (subway), it is nice to be able to share these images.

There is much, much more to Hong Kong though. On the days when the hustle bustle is too much, one can escape.

I will leave those shots for another day.

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John said...

and I think of you every time I see them dear! xx