Sunday, 5 February 2012


We knew it was coming and just to confirm it, snow shovels were being sold all over town. Even the dry cleaners' sells them! But we did not buy one, no, we just ignored the fad and then woke to the scrape, scrape, scrape of the neighbours all scratching away. It was glorious this morning. Deep and powdery, but it is melting fast. My teenage daughters are on the green with their mates having a snow ball fight and riding sledges. Love that they are not too hormonal/above it all to just be kids.

There is a chook roasting in the oven. There is a tray of bird seed on the snow for our little feathered friends. I am going to make a cake in the SLOW COOKER...

Adam and I are going to walk to the shops. I love walking in snow almost as much as I like walking on beaches.

We talked to Big J in Hong Kong this morning and I took the laptop to the kitchen door to show him this:

The trees and bushes are lovely

and this is the bush that all the sparrows like to congregate in:

The house is warm and life is good.

Enjoy your snow if you have it.

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