Saturday, 3 March 2012

Another face of Hong Kong

Here are some of the images of a day out on an island, Lamma, a short ferry ride from Hong Kong island.

There are no cars on the island, only a sort of quad bike with a trailer for getting goods around. Folk use bicycles and hook them on the railing at the pier at Yung Shue Wan for hopping onto when they get back from Hong Kong island.

It can be quite chilly on Lamma! He was such a dear!

Lamma has a beach

which is really well maintained with good changing room/shower facilities and a life guard team.

It also has a WHOPPING big power station on it. With three chimneys. Only two are functional, the third is there because of Fung Shui. But we have swum here, the water is nice....

We took a walk over the island, across the top and down the other side.

You can just see some big tankers waiting on the horizon. It is such a busy and exciting stretch of water.

Some local plants and bird life

This is a red whiskered bul-bul.

and a local wood pigeon

Some great old trees
and then, our destination

Sok Kwu Wan
Home of the most delicious seafood; like prawns in garlic butter

crab with black bean sauce

and scallops with fresh ginger

The view from the restaurant is of pontoons, boats and ferries

We all thought we might like to stay there, but after the fabulous meal and a cold Tsingtao beer, we had a sleepy ferry ride back to HK island. Brilliant day, brilliant place.

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