Saturday, 31 March 2012


The kind lady from Sunshine International Blankets of Love is going to take my Lent blanket when it is done. (Soon, dear readers, soon). I was worried about where to send/donate it because in my usual fashion, I raced ahead to make the thing without any real planning! She has also said she will let me know where it ends up, that will be nice. But for you hooky people I have a question. I blocked the squares and once 'set and dried', unpinned them and the little blighters pinged back into their original wonky forms. I am thinking that it could be due to the slight difference in the DK yarns that I am using. Anyway, for the first time, the joined squares have a sort of angle! The girls tell me it is nice and it feels lovely. When I get the pics up, maybe someone could point out the issue for me? Must go now and blitz this house as BIG J COMES HOME TOMORROW MORNING and we want him to get off the plane and feel that 'it's so nice to be home' feeling as he walks through the door. The gig is tonight too and RISING TIDE has had this great review.....gonna be awesome!!!

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