Tuesday, 20 March 2012

In bed with me tonight

are the Cotton Club collection, some of the finished bunting, some wips and some little squiggly bits of frogged bunting that just had to go. Colour choices elude me in creation. In general life I think I have a great eye for colour - well a not bad eye maybe and I understand all about the colour wheel and blending and contrasts as well, but there are times when I will gleefully crochet one colour to another and the result is horrendous. A few such horrors tried to slip through the net on this latest project 'Betti's baby's bunting'. Betti's baby is due soon and it was obvious that the some of the colour combos in my attempt at the lovely carnival bunting might just scare the life out of it. One thing I did try hard not to do is copy Penny's colours to the letter. It has to be my work and while I think hers is gorgeous, it still has to be mine.

I managed to slip into some sloppy clothes and out of my sloppy pjs a few hours ago and cook a delicious red onion, pancetta and zucchini frittata for dinner. It went down a treat and is now on the meal planning list.

Yes, dear readers, meal/menu planning is another string I want to add to my very tangled bow. In line with living a more simple life, spending less, wasting less and taking back more time. Keep you posted on that.


Planet Penny said...

I feel quite weird seeing those balls of yarn which last week were in my studio lying on a bed in Australia! I'm glad you are enjoying making the bunting, and can't wait to see your version,
Penny x

thelittleroomofrachell said...

I'd like to see a pic of the frittata too next time; sounds yummy! :-)