Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I got up, showered, stripped the bed and put the sheets on to wash. Our washing machine has ECO settings, which I dutifully use, but it takes about 90 minutes to do a load and there is not much ECO about that. While waiting, I hauled the washing line out of the shed, and with much effort, got the thing open and up. A wipe down, ready for the sheets, but no...they are still faffing about. I was feeling worn out and wondered where has the benefit of all those hours in the gym with the weights gone? I then did a mercy run to school to deliver a forgotten lunch box and nipped to the chemist to get a stash of meds and tissues. By now I was flagging and a whole cup of tea later, finally, the sheets went out onto the line into the sun.
I will sleep with the sunshine in my bed tonight, but am disappointed that it has all been such a physical effort.

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