Thursday, 22 March 2012

Another day

battling this thing. I am seriously fed up now. It has not changed. Today energy levels were low, but I did manage a bit of frugal cooking. A dozen carrot muffins and a cheese and veg frittata, the remaining half of which was frozen after dinner for later. I did try and get the two dishes ready to get them in the oven together, or at least over-lap them, but timed it all wrong. Still, early days. The pantry is extremely bare and poor Adam came home tonight, tired probably needing a bolognaise fix, but there was little to be had other than eggs, ham, beans etc. I have told him of the menu planning and the attempt to be more organised and he reckons loads of his friends' families do it, so he is cool.
On a happy note, BFF wrote from Japan and is coming home for a month in the summer and this time we want more than one day to hang out.

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