Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kitchen beauty salon

I get my hair cut and coloured at home by my friend and very talented hairdresser, Dawn. I used to go to her place of work, but when she went freelance, I went too and have never looked back. My hair in its natural state is snow white/silver grey, like my mother and all my maternal aunts (five of them)...the youngest is 70 and the oldest two in their eighties, and they look great, but I am not quite ready to embrace silver yet. So about every 6 - 8 weeks we have a session in my kitchen with lots of tea and coffee and I get my hair done. The girls sometimes have a trim and Adam too. Tonight is one of those nights. Dawn and Hannah have been working on a style for Hannah's hair for her prom in May.
It is a nice way to spend an evening. Chatting, getting lovely.... and saving a fortune - because the at home rate is only a fraction of the salon rate.

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