Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The first day of spring looks nice

from the bedroom window. Yep, the VIRUS has me in bed today in a determined attempt to get rid of the thing. It feels as though I am wasting life, but then I do a lot of that on the internet so why should being in bed be different?
I have written some emails, read some recipes, looked at loads of blogs, and had a little FB chat with Big J in Hong Kong. Sometimes the voice of a loved one can work magic.
I called work, because there was a question from my other work half on my mobile and today she has help in the form of Nichola (of the the little Japanese doll) and is finding it better which makes me feel less like a slacker.
I had a sleep and then Han came home and made me some ginger tea and chatted to me about some of the books she loves. I recently finished Eat, Pray, Love, which she gave me for my birthday, and we talked about that.
She has given me a mask to wear - very Asian - people wear them when they have colds, so as not to spread germs, not usually because of pollution, which is the popular notion. So here I am in bed, a masked, pajama clad woman. How alluring is that?

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