Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sun shiney day

It has been lovely having the day off today. A very early start saw me blocking out the last squares of the Lent blanket for sewing together tonight when Celia B comes over for our crafty session. Then it was out into the garden for a serious bought of weeding. While doing this our neighbour's cat turned up to check out the goings on. She is very nosey, but friendly and pretty. She has a habit of poking around where she really shouldn't and of course when my back was turned she took her chance and shot into the house. Her sudden absence had me suspicious, one minute she was eyeing off Bosley from the patio and next she was gone... but after checking around it was only a tell tale thump when she leapt off a piece of furniture and the ringing of her collar bell, that gave her away. She was poking around in Em's room! But she looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Here she is in the garden before breaking and entering.
I planted up some foxgloves, hoping to get them to flower this year. The dry earth is real cause for concern and today the grape vine got a bucketful of recycled water. (We keep a bucket in the shower now to catch the excess and I use rinsing water from the kitchen sink as well for the garden). Bosley demonstrates the dryness of the soil in the next shot. See how he has his toes in the bluebells, it must feel cooler.
Finally, this beauty is in blossom prooving just how lovely tulips are when they are open - as opposed to the cup like shape we all go for in the shops.
Big J and I had a chat on Facebook and all in all it has been a great day so far. Bolognaise sauce in the slow cooker for Francoise style pasta tonight. Francoise tosses spaghetti into the meat sauce with grated parmesan cheese and then bakes it in the oven. Delicious. We have enough for about three meals!

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