Monday, 12 March 2012

the art of cleaning and the dramatic arts - two topics in one post.

Tonight I went to see the year 11 GCSE drama performance that Han and her group prepared. The subject matter was far more adult than anything we would have tackled in our day. Pretty thought provoking. These young people are not children any more. They were good, and keen to have feedback as this all goes towards them improving for the actual assessment later in the week.
I also did what I call my Big Fat Gypsy treatment to the kitchen - this is not meant to be derogatory; I have been fascinated by this documentary and to be truthful, by travellers all my life. I think there was more interaction in older days, certainly my mum has told me of travelling women she knew. Much press is given to the big frocks and the fights and the stereotypes. But I have to say, they can clean. My very Irish mother and grandmother are/were the same. Every surface gleams(ed) and there is pride in that. I know that as a modern woman being house proud is way way down on the list of life's goals, but hey, who doesn't like it when you look around and things just look orderly and clean??
So I got a big sink of hot soapy water which I used to wipe down all the surfaces, while at the same time soaking labels of some jars for this years sloe gin...It looks fab and I feel better for it.
My head and throat are throbbing and there is some bug or other hoping to get a foothold in there, but NOT THIS WEEK MATEY. I am off work for three days and plan to go to the Craft show at Olympia, relax with my Belgian friends, crochet, potter and just have some wind down time.
The Lent blanket is more than two thirds done and it is looking lovely. I have also got some bunting to show you all, but find I am struggling with the tassels. I think Francoise may be the source of all knowledge on this one, there is very little the woman cannot make.

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