Wednesday, 7 March 2012

sewing machine hero

A few years ago I bought an old Singer 337 sewing machine from a local man who said it had been his mother's and it had recently been serviced!! It came fixed into its own table with fold out work area.

It did not work...well it lurched and screeched and chewed up miles of thread, even though we had given it a test run before buying. Disappointed, we thought we either swallow the loss and splurge on a new one, or, take it all the way to T'Wells for a service. And so the days turned into weeks, they turned into months which turned into almost TWO years...(for shame).

(May I say though, that it was a handy spot to place one of our keyboards, which do get played, so as an item in the house, it was useful, like having a treadmill or some other exercise equipment to hang your towels on!!)

Then Celia B mentioned that her Mr H was coming to her house to service her machine. She gave me his number and this morning, a tall, very, very elderly man came to see what the problem was. It needs an overhaul, maybe a new belt, a new plug (the old one is illegal according to electric regulations now), but he did say I got a bargain, that the machine itself is in great nick. I have all the original bits in the original box and the manual. This model was made in 1964 and 1965, here in the UK.... and that is a long time ago....

Mr H, sewing machine hero, carried it off and said he would be back next week this time if all is well....really excited now!

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