Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sewing Sunday

Han cutting out her first pattern - a skirt. It has been quite a day, a big learning curve for her and for me, boy have I forgotten stuff about sewing.
So as not to scratch the kitchen or dining room tables we cut the fabric outside on the patio and spent a lot of time chasing bits that blew away.
Sorry about the nauseous slant to this photo.
The skirt is assembled, now we have to add the yoke and zip. But there is a mock maths test on Tuesday, so sewing is on hold now for revision and the test.
However as an incentive to complete this project, we have the launch of the Rising Tide EP on Saturday night, so maybe it will be done by then???
Roast dinner tonight. Lots of lovely roast veg too.
I am listing things on ebay as well and that always makes for a busy evening.
I wonder if I have my fingers in too many pies?

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