Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunny Afternoon

a la The is such a cool song...

Lots done and feeling happy.

Two kitchen drawers cleaned out.

Downstairs loo revamped with some cool cowrie and other shells in a glass jar and scented with a lavender oil.

Baking cupboard cleaned out, anything past its use by date has gone.

Baking shelf washed down, jars washed, jam decanted into Polish pottery jars, the fruit trug has been replaced with a Polish pottery platter - cracked so it can't do lasange anymore, but still functional.

The trug is for magazines now, craft mags in fact.

Shower recess done.

Slow cooking an amazing bolognaise sauce.

A thrify shopping spree to ALDI... (I am so loving this place now), on foot, saving gas.

Big pile of cotton spools sorted for when the sewing machine gets back.

And a lovely long chat to Big J who is back in Hong Kong again. He will be home in less than three weeks for a quick break. Whooopeeee!

Over the past few weeks, minus the lads, we have been living a pretty simple life. I have taken it on myself to reduce the mountains of THINGS in my home that really do not play a part in our daily or even seasonal lives.
I have also become a mammoth fan of Frugal Queen and her blog. In the days of yore, when I was a single mum in Japan I eschewed any type of frivolous spending and worked my tooshy off to make sure we had a roof, food and something to fall back on 'in the future'. I carried my habits with me to this marriage, but over the last 6 or so years, have begun to lapse. It is all too easy to dip into that purse for wants rather than needs.
Anyway, little sprouts of ideas about the pennies and life are reappearing again and Big J and I had a small conversation about it today. We are going to have a big conversation about it when he gets home at the end of the month.

But, dear readers, the time for that will come and I end today feeling happy with my lot, my lovely family and the fact that I can put my toes up this evening and do some crochet.

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