Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday and sunshine

Another dry, sunny day in the South East. We have bought a skirt pattern and some fabric for Han to make her own garment.

Much bulk cooking was done including 'My Big Fat Moussaka' from the Love Food Hate Waste web site. It was not such a trial to assemble, but the potatoes were not waxy enough and I missed the aubergine in the traditional versions. Looks like we may have two more meals out of this effort.
Some broccoli was blanched and frozen and yesterday a big bag of carrots was done. I also did some red onions. The menu last night was kedgeree and there is container of that in the freezer too.

So, what happend to her crochet you are all thinking? What's all this with the food thing? It is still going on in the background. The Lent blanket is slowly being sewn together. The bunting is blocking and this week, with all these meals ready prepared, I will HAVE MORE TIME......yippee.

I hoped to go for a walk with my camera today, but only got as far as the green. I felt really self conscious taking photos on my home turf.

My three varieties of daffs:

I then took some in the garden.
This is one of my favourite flowers - the quince blossom;


crunchnrustle said...

I agree about the self conscious thing with the camera - especially in a park with children around. I feel I should have a label round my neck stating 'only here for the flora - not your kids'!

crunchnrustle said...

Love your photos by the way!